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This is how it all began!


You choose your bottle and then we prepare and fill it with your choice of scented wax - and, then many weeks or months later, when you've enjoyed the candle, you can even contact us to return* and refill your bottle (same or different scent) with 10% off the wax refill price! 


If you are looking for a specific bottle, give us a shout to check if we have it or something similar in our bottle stock.


Due to the nature of glass, sometimes the bottles don't cut perfectly, so instead of discarding those 'not perfect' bottles, we decided they all have a little bit of quirky, one-off character, so we embraced those along with the 'perfect' ones.

Although we want your BeGin Again Bottle candle with you as soon as possible, all our bottles are hand-cut, sanded and finished and made to order, so please note there may be a 10-14 day turnaround before we can get your precious out to you!

And we thought it would be so easy to just whip the top off a bottle and fill it up with nice smelling wax...😁

*bottle to be returned at customer's risk and cost

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

Need inspiration? Have a look through just some of the BeGin Again Bottles we have unleashed into your homes!


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