Emma Bridgewater Mummy Mug Candle

Emma Bridgewater Mummy Mug Candle

A burst of Bluebell Woods fragrance - this stunning floral aroma will transport you to spring walks and the promise of warmer days to come. Hand poured into an upcycled Emma Bridgewater mug.



    True to our business ethos of sustainable, ethical and recyclable/upcycled practice (including our labelling and packaging), most of our products are poured into recycled, upcycled or pre-loved crockery and jars.


    This hand poured vegetable wax candle is paraben, zinc and lead free and contains 100% cotton wick. Due to the nature of cotton wicks, the candle should be snuffed out to avoid excess smoke. Please keep candle safe - out of draughts and curtains, away from children and animals. Do not burn for more than four hours.