Mother's Day Candle Trio Hamper

Mother's Day Candle Trio Hamper

Warm Honeysuckle Glass Cube Candle (250g) - divine combination of light and sweet but not overpowering. It evokes images of summer delights and the sweet smell of honeysuckle on the vine. Its scent will enhance your mood and create an uplifting vibe!

Dark Pomegranate Glass Candle (300g) - this rich scent is full of fruity pomegranate and raspberry, with an elegant floral note of lily and the warmth of guaiac wood and amber. A sophisticated and striking fragrance you'll love!

Floral Candle (Warm Rose, 100g) - this cute candle is hand poured into a gorgeous silver heart shaped tin and then topped with dried petals to reflect the fragrance.


Box dimensions: 30cm x 20cm x 12cm


    True to our business ethos of sustainable, ethical and recyclable/upcycled practice (including our labelling and packaging). All ingredients are ethically made and Vegan.