Ceramic Diffuser Bottle & Fragrance

Ceramic Diffuser Bottle & Fragrance

Another product in our treasure trove - ceramic ware perfect for all styles of home, from £15.00.


These cream ceramic diffusers come with pretty eye catching flower reeds which make the whole item look like dried flowers in a vase. You'll receive these flower reeds along with normal reeds - both absorb the scented oil -  so fill up the bottle, pop in the reeds and wait for the scent to waft...


Less waste, more sustainable and cheaper for you - there's no need to buy another diffuser bottle each time (unless you see something else you'd like as well!) - just order a 150ml oil refill bottle from us and we'll send you that plus fresh new (straight) reeds.  Keep hold of your flower reeds but your old straight reeds are compostable so it's all win win!


Just choose your diffuser bottle shape, then select your fragrance from our vast range of Essential or Fragrance Oils.


If you would like to request a scent not listed, please select custom on the fragrance list, pop in a note at checkout and we will contact you to confirm.


PLEASE NOTE: When selecting your scent EO = Essential Oil and F = Fragrance Oil.




    This product is true to our business ethos of sustainable, ethical and recyclable/upcycled practice (including our labelling and packaging).

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