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"If we wouldn't light it, smell it, spray it, wear it, apply it to our own skins and can't price it accessibly, then we wouldn't make it for you."



We all know nothing beats a delightfully fragranced home or workplace but there are so many nasty chemical-laden products in the general marketplace, it's quite a minefield. Comparing prices against product content/ingredients, we didn't think it was fair for people who found high end luxury and designer brands inaccessible, to fill their homes with cheap, potentially carcinogenic products - and in some cases, a handful of those large brands weren't so ethical or 'clean' anyway.


We knew we couldn't compete with supermarket and general bulk store prices due to the quality of our preferred ingredients but we did want to make products that were safe, made with care and attention but not excessively priced - so we set about creating a brand which reflected our thinking, where every product we make and sell has been tested by ourselves, in our own homes, where there are kids and animals.


We ensure all our products are made from ethical, sustainable ingredients, are vegan, plastic free and where possible all ingredients are organic. We have carried out due diligence on our supply chains to ensure there is no animal testing carried out on any ingredients or products we use and the companies we work with abide by ethical trading standards. We reuse packaging, recycle and upcycle as standard.

Our online store and retail outlets are fully stocked with everything you need to make your home and workspace look and smell beautiful. From our reed diffusers made with high quality essential oils, through to our artisan hand poured candles and wax melts which are made using a natural vegan wax blend.  Soya, paraffin and palm oil free and our candles also contain 100% cotton wicks as well as being paraben, zinc and lead free. 


We also small batch make a wide selection of gorgeously fragranced moisturising hand sanitisers for both adults and kids alike and are exceptionally proud to have developed our own luxury skin care range.

We hope you enjoy looking through our products and if there’s a specific product you can’t find, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always happy to make custom orders and bespoke items for our valued clients.

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