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If you have a wedding, engagement party, birthday party, special occasion or corporate event, we are able to work with our you to produce bespoke fragranced products for that extra WOW factor!

The sense of smell is one of our most acute senses and is closely linked with memories, probably more so than any of our other senses, and so we can harness that link by creating you a fragrance that will always be associated with you and your event. From fragrancing an entire room through to small thank you gifts, we are able to advise according to your specific requirements.


We offer wholesale supply as well as white label service. We can also offer a commercial supply service where we design and create your items either similar to some of our own product lines but containing your own branding and bespoke fragrance where required. In addition, we can offer a complete bespoke service — one offs, just for you and your clients/customers.

If you would like to discuss either bespoke service please email us outlining your requirements.

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