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The original idea for BeGin Again came about in 2019 by accident.


Two school mums with full time jobs, a mutual love of gin, candles, upcycling and a mutual hatred of chemical nasties and plastics, the idea was born to utilise lovely (nearly/empty) gin bottles, cut the top off and fill with beautiful fragranced wax. The bottles would literally begin again. And it would be so easy to we thought!


Much trial and tribulation followed over the months, along with one wax covered kitchen and a glass shard covered shed, swearing under breath, ratio testing, wax trials, wick burning sessions, scent tests, cutting, sanding, glass breaking, head banging off the wall at health & safety and legalities, and children left to fend for themselves - at least our friends and families had wonderfully fragrant houses!


With a candle range or two in hand, we started attending artisan markets all around the London area just to see if people liked and responded to our products and if not, how we could improve. During those early days at markets we made our own hand sanitiser (for our own use) due to handling cash all day. One day, a customer commented on the lovely smell and asked to try it; she then wanted to buy some but we couldn't sell it because at that time we didn't make it commercially! Having been toying with aromatherapy based skincare, on a whim, we sent our calculations and concoctions over to a lab which resulted in us creating and selling our various aromatherapy hand sanitisers on our stall - the first of our skin care range. Who knew what would happen in 2020?! Needless to say, sanitiser making kept us very busy...


All our products are vegan and are sustainable, ethical, 100% recyclable/upcycled (even our packaging is eco or reused) and mostly organic, because we care about animals, testing, allergies and the World we live in. 


Our tiny (but expanding) Company now sells to a growing loyal client base - in person, online and through a small number of retail outlets - and are now taking bookings for bespoke product lines for events as well as wholesale and white label too.



    Lara & Sharon xx

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