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A perfect, cost-effective way to try out new fragrances! Our luscious 50g wax melt bars are hand poured into a mould to set, ready for you to use in your wax melt burner.


The bars are made of the same natural vegetable based wax blend we use in our candles - some contain fragrance oils, others are essential oils and some are infused with crystals and botanicals to enhance the benefits gained from the oils. We would recommend you using two squares at a time and these should last for around 10-20 hours, with each snap bar giving you 50-100 hours of fragrance.

Our melts are long-lasting and strongly scented, so you'll be receiving compliments on how amazing your home smells!

Buy 5 bars for £15 by entering coupon code 5 FOR £15 at the checkout!

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