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🌱♻️💚 Our Low Waste Diffusers 💚♻️🌱

We've looked at our diffusers and decided we need less waste and more reuse which also works out cheaper for you in the long run. 


Once you have bought your initial diffuser bottle there's no need to buy another bottle each time (unless you'd like another or see something else you'd like as well!), saving yet another single use item destined for the recycling bin.

Please note: the price of our Victorian Botanicals Bottles (limited edition scents and bottles) and our Ceramic Diffuser Bottles includes your chosen fragrance. All others should be selected separately.


Have a diffuser bottle you love and use already?  Great - you can just order oil refills from us!


Like one of the diffuser bottles...just because? Amazing - you can just buy them on their own too!



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